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At last – a new way to exercise that lets you sit and get fit! Not only is the ChairMaster a comfortable chair that’s great for watching television, it's also a revolutionary fitness product that combines a low impact cycling workout with resistance training. Suitable for all ages and fitness levelsthe ChairMaster gives you a total body workout that:

  • Increases strength and flexibility - with smooth, low-impact resistance cords instead of heavy weights
  • Improves cardio - through a recumbent cycling workout with 5 levels of resistance
  • Improves balance - by using the chair for standing exercises
  • Is ideal for rehab or for anyone with limited mobility
  • Helps you maintain an independent and active lifestyle


50 Different Exercises 

With 50 different exercises to choose from, the ChairMaster promotes the 4 components of a healthy lifestyle – cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. Use the ChairMaster's recumbent bike to do lower body workouts. Use the resistance bands to create a resistance chair to do upper body workouts. Also use it for standing and stretching exercises, and yoga and balance poses. Easy to follow ChairMaster workouts also address arthritis, diabetes, balance and fall prevention, and favorite activities like golf and gardening.


Great for All Ages and Fitness Levels

Studies show that regardless of your age or fitness level, sitting for long periods of time watching TV or other similar activities is damaging to your health. The ChairMaster can make a real difference in anyone’s life simply by taking some of this sitting time and turning it into a new way to add mobility and improve fitness while still doing a favorite past time. 


Effective for Rehabilitation 

The ChairMaster can be very helpful for anyone recovering from an injury or having limited mobility. Recumbent cycling and seated exercises can improve cardio performance as well as increase flexibility and range of motion. Consult a doctor or physical therapist before beginning a ChairMaster exercise regimen to see which exercises are best.

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