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Paradigm GX4 Activity Trainer

✓ Easy to use
✓ Space & Time Efficient
✓ Constant or Variable Resistance
✓ Wide Variety of Exercises


Easy - Grab a Handle & Go

Incredibly easy and safe to use.

Three tiers of pulleys (Upper, Middle & Lower) means no need to constantly adjust pulley positions.

Six Handles included allows for complete workouts to be completed without having to make any accessory changes.


Efficient - Space & Time Saving

Small footprint with recessed workout area keeps the workout area to a minimum.

Minimal pulley & accessory adjustments results in less downtime and incredibly fast workouts.

Integrated accessory storage keeps everything neat & tidy and within reach.


Effective - Functional & Dynamic

Tone and build muscle by performing unilateral & bilateral functional cable training exercises.

Boost results with variable resistance training which is proven to maximize muscular involvement.

Any movement, any speed. No limitations.



Peak Resistance: ≈ 190 lb. (130 lb. Weight Stack + up to  60 lb. of variable resistance)
Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 60″ x 36″ x 82″ / 152 x 91 x 208 cm
Product Weight: 300 lb. / 136 kg

Paradigm GX4 Activity Trainer

$2,399.00 Regular Price
$1,699.00Sale Price
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