With folding 20-inch fat Tires 696Wh LG Lithium Battery, W/ Hydraulic Brakes, Front Suspension 500W Poweful Motor and many nice features & accessories, this E-Bike will take you on an all terrain journey you will never forget.


Fit for smooth riding uphill and down, on-road and off, and over dirt, grass, sand, and snow, this is a do-it-all commuter in compact form.


MINI Pro + eFAT  is perfect for easy storage and full accessibility to even the narrowest trails.

And there's no need to leave your MINI Pro + eFAT behind when it's time for vacation. To take it with you wherever you go, just fold it up and easily fit it in your trunk!


  • 696Wh 48V LG Lithium Battery

  • 500W Powerful Motor

  • Hydraulic Brake - Sets

  • MOZO Front Suspension Fork

  • Multi - Function LCD Display W/USB Port

  • Adjustable Handlebar 

  • 2-Easy Step Folding Mechanism 

  • Throttle & Pedal Assist