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LX8000T LateralX Touch Lateral Motion Trainer (Octane Fitness)

Fire up your home gym big time with the new LateralX lateral home elliptical machine, a total reinvention of cross training. The award-winning LateralX offers 3D adjustable motion in multiple, varying planes so you burn up to 27% more calories by activating more leg muscles – specifically, up to 30% more in the hip abductor and adductor muscles.  You now can move up and down, forward and back and side to side — all on one machine!


With a variety of challenging workouts, train your entire body or target trouble spots with Workout Boosters like ThighToner and QuadPower. Or add Octane’s signature CROSS CiRCUIT for even better conditioning.  Plus, with its compact footprint and self-powered operation, the LateralX fits nicely anywhere in your house.

LX8000T LateralX Touch Lateral Motion Trainer (Octane Fitness)

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